What is What is SendSlices.com?

SendSlices.com is an application that allows you to send REAL slices to your friends.

Who thought of this innovative idea?

SendSlices.com is a unique innovations from The Pizza Experts, LLC a Florida Company.

How does SendSlices.com work?

You choose how many slices you want to send your favorite friends. We send a text message (SMS) and/or email which contains a one time code to redeem at one of our participating restaurants. Your friend simply goes to the SendSlices.com website and search the list of participating restaurants in the area closest to their location. They get their free slice. You will be loved!

Do I need to know the nearest restaurant in their area?

Nope, we take care of that (one of the things that makes SendSlices awesome!). The person receiving a slice code will get a text/email from us, and once they visit SendSlices.com they will then search for a location wherever they are.

How does my card get charged?

We solely use PayPay as our payment provider. If you have a PayPal account, you can easily use it to buy slices. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can use your credit card through the PayPal payment gateway, and in a few simple steps your slice/s will be sent. If you have typed the wrong email address or cell phone, please send an email to info@sendslices.com to explain what happened.

How long does my friend have to claim their slice code?

Your friend has one year from the date you send it to claim their slice.

Can I only send a slice to my friends?

You can send a slice to anyone you want. It can be family, friends, work associates, even people you hate! Everyone can receive a slice. Please make sure they have a working email account or SMS abilities.

Why can I only use one slice code per pizza place?

Because we have made an agreement with participating restaurants that only one code will be redeemed per 24 hour period! Don't worry, we will be adding many other options besides just sending slices for you to redeem in the restaurants in 2011. If you are a pizza place / restaurant and think that your establishment would make a great destination for our members, contact us.

Can I send slices to my friends around the world?

For now we only have restaurants in the United States, but we will be opening up in a few more countries in 2018.

When will the SendSlices.com gift code be delivered to the person I send it to?

SendSlices.com gift codes are sent within minutes of your payment.

I'm a pizza owner, can I apply to accept SendSlices.com gift codes?

Yes, if you are an owner of a place that serves pizza slices and think that your establishment would make a great place for our members to come and get a slice make sure you contact us.

What programming language was SendSlices.com built with?

SendSlices.com was built in PHP by The Pizza Experts LLC.